Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Lonely Masturbator - Stayfree - Part 4

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Curious as always

I understand almost every advertisements in see on TV, except for this one, STAY FREE!
A white pad, people pour some liquid into it and it absorbs everything, ok fine. But what's the point, where do I use it? what is it for? I remember asking about this to mom years back. I got a reply from her in a very sharp tone, "It's none of your business. Forget it". As always, when something is hidden from me, that kindles more interest. But I don't know whom to ask for. It remained a open question for years. Remember, those are the times when we are not aware of the almighty Google.

Back in school, friends started speaking, exploring into all stuffs. I wanted to initiate this `stayfree` doubt, but thankfully someone else did it. As always there will be one or two enlightened souls in every group, who had already explored the topic and give gyaan to others.

This was the explanation given to us by the `enlightened soul`:
As boys shake up and release their liquids, girls can't do it for the obvious reason, which is they don't have the stick in their underwear. But instead without doing anything, they automatically get the liquids released. Worst thing is, they can't control it and it can happen anytime, even when they are in school. So they place the spongy pad in the appropriate place to absorb the liquid. It's for convenience.
Wow, things make sense now. I am now happy that a long awaited question is now closed :) Though this question is closed, it opened up several other `pervy` questions :P

Couple more Attempts

But irritation now! Its obvious that people is getting this new ability to shake up and shoot the liquids, and feel awesome. And girls are getting it automatically and there are advertisements to support them and motivate them. But I can't! When I tried last time, I failed :-(

It feels good when touching down there, holding and rubbing it. I do it when alone in home :D But shaking it up, I know somehow that doing this is a Sin. You are only supposed to pee with your penis and not play. A long thought process with the inner voice goes like this:
`Ok Sai. Listen to me. I agree that it is a sin. but you know what? It's about your capability. It's whether you can do it or not? It's whether you can shoot out the liquid or not? You make attempts, gain the ability and then it's completely your control. You don't do it afterwards. And trust me, no one is gonna know you tried or you even won. You still remain a good boy.`
Ok. Sounds like a risk free challenge. I go to toilet and shake up, shake up and shake up. It feels soooo good :-) But nothing's happening. Depressing :-(

Telling to myself, "Oh Please! Its a penis and it has a purpose, which is to urinate. It's not goddamn water gun to shoot out some weird liquids when you shake it. You can't fight aliens with it!"

But still, with a hope, continues the attempt after few more days. And one fine day, the miracle happened. Precum. Yeeeaaaahhhhhhh! I done it at last :) (y) But wait, friends told, it will shoot up like from a syringe. But how come it will shoot up, only with 2 or 3 drops! Maybe, I am low on the loads. But that's ok, at least I am getting few drops now, unlike before. (Those are the times when I dont know the different between precum and a real shot)

Whatever, I won the challenge and I should stop doing this now.

Big brothers

Since I was caught red handed while looking at xxx book, I was very embarrassed to even look at my big bros. I am trying my level best to avoid all sorts of contacts with them. But one day, I happen to cross them in a veranda to go home, can't avoid the situation. I was very tensed and afraid, what they will ask about the incident and such. One bro told, 'Hi Sai, getting busy lately?' and we conversed for some few minutes very casually as if nothing happened.

I was totally happy and relieved that they didn't question about the last incident. Then slowly I started conversing with them like before. I promised myself I should never ever think about that book again.

As time passed, the interest towards the book overthrew my fear. Whenever I go to their room, the temptation to look at the book keeps growing. But the fear factor was keeping me under control. Deep inside, I know this is wrong, but I can't resist anymore. I wanna see. Dot.

It's clear that the good part of me was losing most of the internal battles. The temptation is growing each day.

Right moment!

One day, I went to their room. No one was there and I found the book on the shelf :D Wooooow :) The temptation to see the beauty, the urge to see the curves, the compulsion to see the breasts, took complete control over me and made me do a insane thing of my life.

I took the book and RAAAAANNNNN TO my home, Ultimate :) It's mine, it's all mine now :) I stole the Holy Grail for myself. Yeahhhhhhh!

Monday, March 9, 2015

I am sorry!

I am sorry. I am not a threat, just a friend :-)

Be Happy!

‪#‎FriendForEver‬ ‪#‎NeverLostFrienship‬

Monday, January 12, 2015

65 km relay run - Traffic safety by Thozhan

A long array of awesomeness happened yesterday on Thozhan's 65 km relay run to create awareness on the importance of following traffic rules. Capturing those awesome moments here.

Pre Event

  1. Early morning cycling with Gowri to the spot.
  2. Reached a wrong place, Valluvar Kottam side entrance by 5.15 AM.
  3. Then mingled with other volunteers at 5.40 AM at right place.
  4. All volunteers joined in, preparation happening at full pace. We all switched to T. Shirts and caps / helmets.
  5. Accidentally, my slipper tore while playing with Yalini!
  6. Flash mob team arrived and made an awesome performance, boosting our already energetic spirits to next level.

Phase 1 Run

  1. Torch was lit and running kick off by Jahir Hussain sir and so my cycling :)
  2. In a short while, the first team of 3 runners picked up. Despite my personal interests, I made sure we never crossed 5 km / hr speed though others were insisting to go fast.
  3. Tried my level best to keep the triangle formation of cycles with the runner in center. But couldn't control the energetic, dynamic volunteers in a formation.
  4. Then switched to next sets of volunteers at Connemora.
  5. Rajesh Kanna told Sai we are in more than an hour delay and you NEED TO SPEED UP. Wow, that is what I exactly wanted.
  6. Then came Ribbon building with next set of 3 kms. Young souls aged > 50 joined there and ran with full spirit.
  7. Then to Parrys corner. Since we are in a delay I check with the runners that if they are regular runners. If they are, request them to speed up to close the delay. Ragav anna and Boopathy joined there in Parrys. For unfortunate reasons, Ragav anna couldn't run after 100 meters. Other runners closed this gap though.
  8. Next stop @ Triumph of labor statue. Wow, what a place! Drawing energy from the Bay of Bengal to the left. Our young hero Hitesh jogged there and he sped up like nothing closing the time delay.
  9. Then at grandpa Gandhi statue. Next runners joining in. At all spots, we were taking the pledge of 7 points to create Accident Free Nation. Some runners going at their own pace, some runners going above average, thus maintaining the overall time.
  10. Update from Rajesh that we closed the delay from 1 hour to 30 minutes and to keep this delay as buffer. We can sprint in the end and quick finish If needed.

Phase 2 Run

  1. First spot in Phase 2 is at the heart of the city, Gemini fly over. Easwar joined in along with 2 other runners. Myself and Easwar meet after nearly 4 years, our first meet at Blue cross. After taking the pledge, we started shouting the slogans, Vande Mataram and Bharath mata ki jai!
  2. Upto here, I was just cheering up the runners behind. But this is where I started shouting traffic safety slogans to follow traffic rules, to wear helmets and such.
  3. Next stop at Nandanam signal. Excited to see the Water warrior Ashwin and Red drops Knight Akshyaa there. I know Ashwin very well and we sprinted at ~ 10km / hour, closing the gap. We over did it, leaving little space to Akshyaa and the other runner. Akshyaa was the first female runner of 4. Kudos (y)
  4. Then to traffic nightmare, T.Nagar signal. Next set of volunteers picked from there. Then to Saidapet high court signal. Here, another female runner joined in along with Prahalathan, Co-founder at Bhumi and Raj Kannan.
  5. It was sunny when we are running through the further spots Madhya kailash, Tiruvanmiyur, but it did nothing to the fire inside us.
  6. Then at Tiruvanmiyur signal, where I volunteered for my first Traffic Awareness Campaign with Rajesh, Akhil, Dinesh and others some 10 months back. Met Akhil at the same spot, surprise :-) Our 3rd female runner ran here :-) 
  7. Then beating the sun through Taramani spot and to Velachery Vijayanagar signal. Phase 2 ends here.

Phase 3 Run

  1. Time to speed up and close the delay gap from Phase 3. Unaccounted delays happened due to traffic jams and when switching volunteers between spots. From Vijayanagar signal, to velachery railway station to Phoenix mall. 
  2. From there to Hotel Le Meridian. Our first bridge in the whole event came here. I was little afraid on the toll the bridge will take on the runners. Once we near the bridge asked the runner If we needs to switch to other volunteer. He said 'Naah, I am fine' and he ran over the elevated bridge road at the same speed, shouting the traffic safety slogans. I am now seriously worried and asked him to save his energy. He told, "Boss dont worry. I am a runner and I am running for my nation. So I am cool". We shook hands on the move and his name is Ponmari.
  3. Next stop at Hotel Le Meridian. 3 NSS Students joined there and 1 of the guy WAS AWESOME. I didnt had any speedometer with me. But I am sure we touched ~15 km / hour with him, covering a kilometer in under 3 to 4 minutes.
  4. Then to Radison Blu and to Airport. The heat of the sun is too much, draining the energy of our volunteers at accelerated rate and slowing us down. Obviously more legs would help. So I took the torch and did a sprint for 0.5 to 1 km.
  5. It's airport and then to OTA Academy. `Lit the Light` Bharath and other volunteers ran from there to Olympia Tech park. Excited to see `Lit the Light` Bharath `running with the light` for a cause :-) (y) Before Kathipara boarding we did 2 switches. Then one volunteer started to cimb up hill through kathipara. I felt very hard to pedal the cycle, but he was running at full pace with ease and energy. Then engal annan Gowri took over from Kathi para mid and he was almost sprinting and reached Olympia in a very short time. One should looked at his face. I saw that internal fire, heart full of desire to see a Accident Free Nation through his face (y)
  6. Then from Olympia to Sivan Park. I did another small quick sprint here from Kasi Theatre signal to the road end, took left at KK Nagar main road and handed over other runners.
  7. Reached Sivan park. Durga Prasad sir, and Ezio / Altair Ganesh Janarthanam and other volunteers took over :-)
  8. Then to Power house. From there around 7 to 8 volunteers pledged and signed for the run including our Core members.
  9. Then started our final stretch to Ashok Pillar.
  10. From pillar, Sabari, Rajesh took over and we rounded the Udhyam Theater block. Finishing exactly at the enter.
  11. We made it ON TIME !!!

Post Event

Inspiring speech by RK, Rajesh, Karthik Pandy, Nakkeeran and others. I was sooo excited to hear that the Chief guest is the Legend Kalyan Iyya, the personal secretary of my grandpa Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. WOOOOOOW. Just writing this statement here sends shivers through my spine. Perfect finish with a legend.

Model Signal Release

Another unexpected excitement. Model Signal document and animation was release by the legend. I was dying to take a pic with him and possibly shake hands. They say "When you want something badly, the whole universe conspires to make it happen" and I seen the proverb gone real that minute. The cosmos did its work. I shook hands with the legend, received a book from his hands and number of cameras took snaps. Mohan was excited the same way for receiving another book from the legend for his Model Signal animation work (y)

Unexpected surprise visit by `Indian National Developers` senior member Priya :-)

More hands joined to create Accident Free Nation. I am fuelled and excited more than ever :-)

Post Post Event

Discussion @ RK Home on event review with awesome Kesari and Chips. Then returned the cycles to Alagappan and Magesh and I reached home at 10. Splendid day!

During the whole run, our Core team volunteers Rk, Dinesh, Rajesh, Nakkeeran, Karthik Pandy, Mohan, Durga prasad sir, Gowri, Hitesh, Saravanan, Manivasagam, Muthuramakrishnan, Mohan Kumar and all others were encouraging, cheering up, keeping up the energy sphere around the runners at perfect shape, that shielded us from the heat, dust, pollution, traffic, broken Chennai roads and numerous obstables.

Let's create Accident Free Nation together!

PS: Atlast, I realize when I see the photos now that I was wearing my Helmet the wrong way!

PSS: Was mastering the arts of Extrovertism today, but in the end RK switched me off!

+Swami Vivekananda: You needed 100 energetic men. right? Here we are preparing ourselves (y) (Give me 100 energetic young men and I shall transform India)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Lonely Masturbator - B Book - Part 3

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Couple of Days passed...

School got over and we were cycling to home, when a friend asked me, "Sai. Did you watch any special movie in other friend home". That question struck my heart. His message and intent was crystal clear. But I asked him, "What da? what movie?", as If I dont know anything. The others joined, "Dai, dont act da... You watched sex movie in Benny's home la?"

Holy Shit !!! My mask tore apart, My Image was destroyed!!! Benny cheated me, he told everyone that I saw XXX video :-( I felt very bad, very very very bad. and I am confused what do I do now? whether to confess or to make an act, as if the other friend had lied and I am innocent.

and that 1% was me!

Lie and making up

Then I lied through my teeth to my other friends, "I didn't ask for it. He only showed me, without even intimating me what the video is about. I closed it immediately. Its not my fault". I revealed only the first incident, but not my request and the 2nd time watching it. I felt very bad, but lied there to save my 'Good Boy' Image. The other friend was not in the spot. So things were smooth that day.

Embarrassment, tension, conflicts and hurt

We were cycling back to home the next day. Benny was with us. I was tensed, hoping that no one takes up that topic. Especially since Benny was with us. One nut started speaking, "Dai Benny, you were telling us that Sai asked for and watched the videos. but he is telling not. What's happening? lets sort this out!"

"You fool! Is this so important now?", I am thinking to myself, but not speaking anything outside.

Benny tells others "For the first time, I showed him without his awareness. But then the next day, he asked me to show more and came to my home and we watched things. It was an awesome video."

I couldn't confront him for breaking the promise of not telling others. Because the promise is based on a foundation of my untruthfulness. Though I hated him. Others were questioning me. They wanted me to accept it. But I kept telling, 'No da. He is lying. Nothing happened.' But I was hurt on the whole episode, deeply hurt. Not because of my actions (of watching xxx videos), but because of my `good boy` image tearing apart.

But..... I wanted more!

In spite of being hurt badly because of my name got damaged in my Class for watching xxx videos, I seriously liked to watch more. I couldn't resist. But I got no Internet connection at home, had zero guts to go to Internet Cafe alone for watching it and asking my friends' is not at all a choice.

Days passed very dry without any real chances to watch films. I couldn't resist myself anymore to wait for another 7 years to get married and see things for real. Big battle going in the mind. One side commanding me to be good and the other side commanding me to fuck the rules and do watch the awesomeness.

Unlike before, it burned inside when other friends were discussing on xxx stuffs and was sharing their experiences. Worst thing is, I am continuing to project an image as before, advising friends that it is bad to watch stuffs and to be good. Though my intensity of the advises were not sharp as before.

I was at the peak of hypocrisy.

Holy Grail (B Book) in neighbor's home

Couple of bachelors were my neighbor and I occasionally visit them just to chat. One day when I was in their room, I saw a book that got `zoomed up` snaps of breasts. Wooow! I wanted to checkout it out and didn't know how. Asking them face to face is not at all an option. I left from there in a while.

I increased my frequency of visits to their room from that day. One fine evening, I was left alone in their room, while the big brothers were busy in other rooms.

Perfect Moment!

I started looking in their shelf for `that` book among all other books. In a few minutes, I found the Holy Grail; felt like the sages who realized the absolute truth after decades of meditation, felt like alien hunters, who established communication with an advanced alien race; felt like humanity succeeded in their eternal search of immortality :-)

Was flickering through the pages, looking at all the nice curves I ever saw in my lifetime. I forgot the whole world and was completely immersed in the book.

I heard "Sai!" and a shock was sent through my spines! I was caught, I was caught while watching xxx stuff! The whole world turned upside down. My life was doomed. He is going to tell everyone about this, starting from my friends, other neighbors and finally to my parents. I am going to be an outcast. I am gonna be labelled `bad boy`. Dozens of embarrassing depressive doomed thought bursts happening in every micro seconds.

I kept the book back in shelf, couldn't even see his face. I left in a hurry, saying "bye bro. will come tomorrow".

After math, The Hell!

I just couldn't sit in home. I was worried. I can imagine him coming to my house and inform dad and mom about what I just did. I couldn't even imagine what worse will come next. I couldn't simply sit in home with all that heat and that bro coming to my home shortly!

I took my cycle and went to my friend Yasar's home. He is my other school friend and didn't know of my xxx video incidents. I told him everything but in a different way. I made the story look like it was just an accident that I looked at that book and it was not intentional. I was asking him how can I tell this to the big brothers, to my parents and make them believe me?

Though he was very skeptical that the whole incident was not intentional, he assured me that they are not going to tell to my parents. Since it will be a shame to them also, for they are having such books. Good logic, right! We spent sometime chatting and I was about to leave home, wishing nothing worst happened back there.

And Yasar placed one request, "Dai *loot* that book if possible. Not for you, I know you wont be seeing it again. But myself and other friends would be very much happier. Do this as a big help da."

I responded outside,"No way! Don't be tempted, be a good boy." and internally "Wow. Getting that book just for myself. I can see it whenever I want and the amount of information it had. I need to go through them word by word after I saw all the curves 1000 times. and no one would know!"

I returned home and it was cool. Nothing happened as my wild imaginations. But again, how I am going to face my brothers? How I even gonna visit their room here after? But without visiting them, how I am gonna steal the Holy Grail for myself ! >:)

How I am gonna steal the Holy Grail for myself?

Keep watching this space.

New year resolution(s) for real - 2015

Never in my lifetime, I took serious new year resolutions, though I take sarcastic ones. But for 2015, I decided to take some, hmm, actually a lot and for real! But it's sort of checklist rather than a resolution.
  1. Physical fitness
    1. Achieve a target of running 21 kms in beach sand. (Right now I am at 2 kms)
    2. Learn Swimming and be a Triathlete (So I can join Peter's gang)
    3. Yoga (taking flexibility to next level)
  2. Mental fitness (Practice proper meditation, Joining some classes maybe)
    1. to de-fragment my mind (so as to multi task better)
    2. control hate / anger!
    3. to try improve my memory power (If that is even possible :P)
    4. to try winning over my mind :P (Ha. in just 1 year?)
    5. Improve my response time.
  3. Finish these books
    1. Switch: How to change things when change is hard.
    2. From dictatorship to democracy.
    3. Indian Independence Struggle.
    4. The Grand Design.
  4. Fun part
    1. Game of Thrones.
    2. Code Gears.
    3. One `Lonely Masturbator` post every quarter (not just fun, but this is a serious one too).
  5. No NEW Projects. Finish existing ones.
  6. Attain complete economic Independence and escape Slavery.
  7. More time with family!
Try evolve from being a mob :-)

with the realization that we are just Star dust.

Absolute Truth!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

An Adventurous Sunday - Full of Life

In my recent blog posts, I can only see some extreme ideological based posts, posts that none in the world understands and such. So here writing on a regular Sunday, that is mashed up with awesome activities in Chennai :-) Associate yourself with couple of NGOs and contribute a little of your time for the betterment of the society and Life would be awesome in ways, which YOU CAN NEVER IMAGINE :-) (y)

Alarm at 3.30 AM !

Its been months since I gave my poor little Nimbus (Cycle) a bath and so decided to wash it today before going to events. So this CRUEL alarm at 3.30 AM. The event was to volunteer in marina beach @ 5.30 AM and I planned to start from home at 4.30 AM. But unfortunately, clean up took more time than expected and I got ready by 4.45 only and made a quick start.

Called up Surya, Gurubaran, Pavithra as they are also joining and they were already ready.

Though I started late, my clean oiled cycle and zero traffic in early morning helped me to reach the spot at 5.25 AM. Started with blessing from my Grandpa, The Legend, Gandhiji and jumped into the event, while other `Thozhan`s were on their way.

Be the change, you wish to see in the world !

Running for Eureka Child Foundation

It was a massive running event organised by `Eureka Child Foundation` as a fundraiser campaign to support for Educational requirements for deserving students in villages of Tamil Nadu. A very noble cause, indeed.

"Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day.Teach a man to fish and he will eat for lifetime";Whereas these people are teaching our Children to build a Fishing Boat !

We went to a eureka organizer to get some tasks assigned. Myself and Gurubaran were told to hold the banners; Surya and Pavithra were to distribute water to runners. We went to our positions and started our work, meanwhile other Thozhan's Rajesh Kanna, Muthu Vijayan, Radhakrishnan, Yazhini, Hitesh Empower, Karthik Pandy and all other joined and took up some task :-)
Runners ready to GO

Coffee with Gurubaran :P

Myself and Guru focused on keeping the banner straight for everyone's view and we focused nothing else, except for the one thing :-) It was DD, Divya Darshini who came to inaugurate the event. Initially, there was too much crowd around her and we couldn't even get a glimpse of her. We tried jumping and did all our martial art techniques but in vein. Guru was telling to me, "Anna DD ah vara sollittu, nammala ipdi oorama banner pudikka vechittangale".

Event started, whistle blown, and runners started racing. Then news channels came in and are about to interview DD and they needed some nice background for the shoot. Guess what? They picked our banner as a good background; DD and everyone else came near us and she was like a arm distance away from us. Guru was soo emotional and almost crying :P

Everyone was taking snaps with her and I know guru would be expecting the same. But for his (super star) status, he can't go and ask her. Things should happen around and it happened. DD managed to have a "Coffee with Guru" session and here is the proof (Warning: This paragraph might be twisted for reader's interest and might be faaar away from Truth)
Eppudi ??? Seee, she is looking at my Cam of all :) :P

Dip in the Ocean

Event over by 7 AM as planned, other Thozhan's were busy with post event activities. So the Fantastic Four (Me, Surya, Guru, Pavithra) went to beach, but only once decided to swim in Tsunami and yeah that's me :-) Been months since I had fun in sea and got bunch of time before I attend to next event. So prepared myself and jumped in the water. This is the epic moment of the whole day :-D

Then we left around 7.45. Next is to Isha nursery, Kodungaiyur for Sapling distribution event. We were fully energetic after the rest in Beach and started with full swing. Surya told they will come in bike slowly in par with my cycle speed, so we go together. Half way through beach road, the disaster happened. My cycle got punctured; All of us were upset!
This is LIFE !!!

Made it to Kodungaiyur atlast !

Then we made up our mind and decided to part. Surya / Guru will go to nursery, and get things ready for distribution. Arun Prasad will join them there directly. Meanwhile, I am to fix my cycle and go there asap.

Thanks to Ashok Rajendran / Pavithra for remote assisting to find cycle shop in mylapore, in sunday morning. Got my nimbus fixed and flied to Kodungaiyur. But time was 10.45 already

Surya spoke to sapling requesters, packed the requested saplings, and also bought Bovonto bottle for volunteers. Perfect organizing, I would say :-)
Saplings ready for Distribution

Distribution starts and Bus Chase

Myself and Arun are assigned to just 2 requests nearby nursery and in Manali. Since its doubles now, we switched pedalling and shared the honor (of pedalling my Nimbus). We distributed 5 saplings to 2 people and now its time to return.

Arun was pedalling to Manali bus stand and we were discussing on how he would go back, what bus to catch, where to go to CMBT / Park / Central. Suddenly, we noticed a bus to Guindy I.E. crossing us in opposite direction and I was shouting "Arun, Arun, there a direct bus goes" ..... "Bus we missed it" ....

"Anna wait, we can chase it and catch", Arun

"Hard, but shall we try?", Sai

A fellow citizen watching us shouted at us, "Dai stupids, stop speaking and start chasing. There are 3 big speed breakers before next stop. Bus will go very slowly, you shall definitely catch".

That Zen Moment occured !! :P

We reveresed and Arun chased like anything and you know what? we chased it down and he boarded the bus. Hurraayyy (y)

Next Target: Choolaimedu and Disaster No. 2

I am to meet a good friend, Venky sir in Choolaimedu by 2 PM to discuss on some RTI / civic projects. Had a lemon juice in manali for energy boost and started pedalling at full swing. I was crossing Mathur, when I felt something not right in my cycle seat. I stopped the cycle and tried to adjust the seat, but the seat literally came off the cycle. Wow, why Nimbus is doing all this today to me ! I kept it as it is and started pedalling, since not much time to find a cycle shop and fix it.

A call came, stopped, attended it and lifted my leg to sit on. Then Disaster No. 2 happened.

"DAAARRRR". My pant tore in the back for nearly 15 cms :-( :-(

WTH !!!

Why all this in a single today???

Mind Voice, "Calm down, Calm down. You just dont get down hereafter. Just keep pedalling and no one would notice". But still I am to meet Venky sir, what to do?

Called up Thanikavel, Sudan to get some emergency pant, but they were not available. Then Nirmal Lakshman jumped in for rescue. Got a pant from him in Anna Nagar Roundtana. But where I would make the switch? Dont know !

Change Plan: Direct to CSS Office

Called up Venky sir and told the scenario and we postponed our meet to evening. So, I shall now go to CSS office for the "Child Abuse Prevention" meeting and change myself there. Reached CSS office early @ 3.15 PM, since the previous meet was postponed. Pon Murugan was there already and he opened the office. Changed myself to new pants of Nirmal and WHAT A RELIEF !!!!!!!!

Kanchan, Venkat, Swami sir, Sasi, Ashwin, Pavithra, Akshyaa, Charu, Rathi mam and many others came in. Few bought in their parents. After several longs years, first initiative on `Child Abuse Prevention`, thanks to the initiative of Kanchan and Pon Murugan who joined her in preparing the presentation materials. It was more of the casual discussion with the parents rather than a formal seminar session and it was good and enlightening. Surprise visit by Kothandapani. More on the session will be posted in CSS blog and will provide the link to it, once its up.

Special thanks to Ashwin / Kanchan for Chocolate distribution :-) Yummy, it was :-)

Then cycled back to home, dropping Pon Murugan while on the way. Home, sweet home, my comfort zone! Much tired also. So called up Venky sir, explained my status and postponed meet to wednesday !

Angular.js Online Course for Traffic Violation Portal (TVP)

Then had dinner and finished an online lesson in Angular.js (and got a badge), that I am studying for Traffic Violation Portal front end development. Thasnim, our PHP developer for TVP and a good friend who was working on server development pinged me and we had a mini hangout meet on the server work.

Things were awesome today, except for Disaster No. 1 and Disaster No. 2,  But then again, it is life right? both ups and downs. It would have been complete and fully satisfied, If myself and Venky sir got to meet. Just that thing missed, otherwise, a good looong day it is :-) :-D (y)

Being at the edge of the Comfort Zone itself is feeling awesome, how cool it would be when we get out !!!
My role model Peter Van Geit in this regard :-)