Friday, February 26, 2010

Callida 10: A Grand Success

A BIG APPLAUSE to all people who made Callida 10 a grand success. To name a feeew
  • Kuldeep(the security... oops.. sry sry sry.. the Secretary),
  • Anisha(HOD's Grand Daughter),
  • Kiran(Kurkure Fan),
  • Bharath(Grenade Specialist),
  • Vivek(Sincere n Dedication),
  • SaiPrasad(The DON),
  • Babu(Romeo),
  • Thanikavel(Child but local Don, Thavudh),
  • Suresh(The Executive, hahaha),
  • Viswaakshan(Ms CEO),
  • Vinoth Babu(Samosa Committee),
  • Kasi(Decorative Broomstick),
  • Tarun, Rakesh and Ajay(3 Idiots),
  • Captain Praveen and Mokka Mohan(Quiz Masterzzz),
  • Karthikeyan(thx for ur tips on Banner da, grrrr),
  • Siddharth(The Psyc***.. The Psychologist),
  • Keerthi(Ambulance va***),
  • Sreenaya, Revathi, Kavitha, Sandhya, Deepika...
  • and all my Juniors(Yogesh, Ashish, Nitin....) and staffs and unofficial HOD, Mr. Jenis and all those whose name are not mentioned, but part of Callida 10 team,
  • and finally myself Saiyasodharan :P

For most people, it was just a 1 day symposium; for a few, it was a few days hard work; for me it was a 1 month enjoyment and for Kuldeep and Anisha it was a half semester, lol... but de sad thing is this is the last BIG event in our college life and its over now:(

My Part:
I proclaimed myself the head of the unofficial Designing committee, as I was one who designed almost all the things like poster, brochure, invitation, certificate, banner and much more and helped in designing a few little things for other committee members :)

I was also part of the Gaming Committee, which was headed by both SaiPrasad(Technical head) and Babu(thala of all). We hosted Counter Strike 1.6 and Need For Speed Most Wanted and the event went Grand well.
I have to mention a Counter Strike team named Gem, who participated in Callida last year too... They were pros in Counter Strike, but unfortunately they didnt make it to the finals. Sorry guyz, better luck next time.

At the finishing Ceremony, after the prize distributions for participants are over, Our Director rewarded me with Rs. 500 for designing the best Poster Design of Callida 10. Then I got hard bumps from my dear friends, but I was happy that we gave bumps to Ajay and Kuldeep after me :P

I was hearing a buzzz inside my head for the past 2 weeks as I was very much involved with Callida 10 and didnt even played any games much. Thanks to Thanikavel for ur hard punch on my Ear, it relieved tat buzz a little but made a small wound in my Ear.

So, to clear out my mind I went to Muttukadu with Sabari at 5. There, after seeing the Sea i cant resist myself and I jumped in to the water the moment v went there. Whenever we go to beach, Sabari also accompany me in blockin the Tsunamis from reaching the shore:P But this time, he was very busy with his GF in mobile and didnt even came near water. After fightin with the waves for some 30 minutes, my got my real ME back and I started going home. The days ends Fantastic XD

I think I broke the promise that I made in my first post that I wont write looong posts here after. But what I wrote here is just a small factor of what is in my mind...

*Pictures and related links will be uploaded soon*


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Busy doing Symposium Work

Got nothing special to post. So I am writing what I have been doing this week. Last Sunday I was happily playing Morrowind and Last Chaos and was doing my project work too. Starting from Tuesday, I was designing, designing and till now I was doing so many designs for my College Symposium, Callida 10. I designed the Poster, Brochure, Invitation, Certificate and so many other things.

Still I am to design two big banners of size 12 x 6 feet. I decided to design a 3 x 1.5 feet banner and stretch it to 12 x 6 before printing. But the problem is none of the Computers in my college was able to handle that BIG size of 3 x 1.5 feet which measures to approximately 10000 x 5000 pixels. Even my computer with the poor 1 GB RAM was not able to handle that file. So, I went to my friend Arun's home, thinking of doing the banner in his Ultimate Game Machine. But that idiot removed a 1 GB module and his graphics card and locked them up in Cupboard, saying some weird tales like that ram and graphics card is causing the Blue Screen problem often in his computer. I think I have to buy him some Pani Puri and do the Banner design in his home itself on Saturday.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Callida 10

Callida 10 is a state level technical symposium orgranized in MNM Jain Engineering College. More about Callida 10 @

I am the one doing all the design works for this Symposium and here is the Poster design for the Callida 10:

Callida 10 by ~saiy2k on deviantART