Monday, December 31, 2012

Save Hindu Culture - My New Year Resolution - Part 1

I never took this 'New Year Resolution' thing seriously and never made myself any New Year Resolution. But its different this time. I decided to take up something serious as my New Year Resolution and *strictly* follow it, even if it means putting my life on the line. Now you know how serious I am.

Save our Culture

One of the major issue India facing is deterioration of our Culture because of westernization, especially because of this IT. All the oldies and even modern youths complaint about where India is heading in terms of Culture, that we are losing our Originality, Core Religious Values, among many other things.

So here I decide that my New Year Resolution is to follow our culture and save it from extinction. But one big problem, since I was in the westernization bandwagon all this time, I don't know what my culture, I dont know what should I follow. But that's not a big deal, I learned some great secrets from Internet/Google and this time also I believe the same Internet magic will help me in finding and learning about my culture.

The essence of Hinduism and its culture is written in number of texts namely Vedas, Vedangas, Upanishads and many more. Since the people who concern about culture is arguing from a social viewpoint rather than a individual viewpoint, I decided to take up 'Manu Smriti', the extra-ordinary text that very beautifully portrays how a society should function. Please read it, even if you dont know Sanskrit, it will be awesome.

Manu Smriti

This divine book splits the people in society into 4 varnas or classes:
  • Brahamanas - who are born from the head of the Brahma (the Creator) and is responsible / eligible for knowledge / discovery / invention / performing rituals / etc.,
  • Kshathriyas - who are to protect the society.
  • Vaishyas - students and alumnis of DG Vaishnav college, Arumbakkam and
  • Sudras - actually they are not full humans, they are 1 level above animals and their purpose is to serve the other classes.
and there are some outcasts, who are Untouchables.

The current system has classified me as Most Backward Class (MBC), but I dont understand where MBC fits in the four varnas. I believe it should be either Vaishyas / Sudras. But I prefer to by Vaishya, since I studied in a similar college and ofcourse, I dont want to label myself a slave to the other classes :-)

Varna System is scientific

Nevertheless I found this system to be sooo perfect and natural. Deciding the occupation / life style of people based on birth. I wonder why this awesome system never crossed my mind all this years. I am so excited in realizing that even Gregor Mendel (Father of Genetics says the same. Its all in the genes. Its natural for a Sudra to give birth to a baby who is supposed to be a slave, because of genetics. I am proud to say that what the so called Science says now, was discovered by Rishis in India, some 1000 of years ago.

Also I was ashamed of myself now for many of my unideal, unrealistic, absolutely foolish beliefs. Lets take Abraham Lincoln for example. I always hailed him as a big personality. His father was a Shoe Stitcher and by all holiness, Lincoln also should have taken up the same job. But instead he became the President of USA and so what? USA paid for it on September 2011. You ask what the link between these two? You dont understand Hinduism yet. Its called *Karma* (cause and effect in science's language)

Equality ??? LOL

Its so stupid that people of modern times believe in equality. How can people born under different varnas be equal when Manusmriti says not. Seriously people these days are insane in the name of free thinking / atheism and many other psychotic names. Even the Epics Mahabharata / Ramayana follows Manusmriti seriously (examples including Karnan, Ekalaivan, etc.,)

But our society has messed up so badly, I am afraid whether it could be fixed now. But as a fan of Naruto / Goku, I will never give up. So I am going to write a Petition letter to my Prime Minister, President to change our constitutions to reflect our culture, to follow the rules and regulations (Dharma shasthras) defined in the divine Manu Smriti.

More on following my Culture in upcoming post...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Male Chauvinist and their Words of Wisdom !!!

I have no life, so utterly wasting my time here, engraving the glorious names of few male chauvinist people and their honorable words against a girl, who did nothing but smoked.

Warning: This post contains inappropriate vulgar words.

Note to readers: If at all you feel sick by the comments these people posted, befriend them and do whatever you can in their profile. I attached necessary links. Thanks :-)

Here the list goes...

  1. Ungal Kadhalan Vijay studied at Pachiayappa's College: inimel namma nadu sekkirama vallarasu nadaidum.........
  2. Ganesh Jack Studied at Loyola College, Chennai (Madras) Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu: pudinga sir pudichi jail la podunga sir,
  3. Vignesh Vicky Worked at Cethar Limited Studied at Srinivas Institute of Technology Lives in Tiruchirapalli (Trichy), India: That's why world going to end
  4. Praveen Bavan studied studied at Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology (MCET) from Pollachi: oh my god wat is this..........very bad habit. wat an improvement is world
  5. Rash Love Works at Audit Studied at Bharathidasan University Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu: Indha it company potachingala olicha podhum, nama culture a kapathidalam.
  6. Vivek Pandian studied at SAMS College of Engineering and Technology, Chennai: ippadi iruntha enda ulagam azhiyathu..!
  7. Arun Vignesh: pudichu jail la podunga sir ivala
  8. Aram Sundar Worked at MSI Ltd. Studied at Sri.R.K.C.HR.SEC Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu: money money money.... ithu panra velai
  9. Chum Ragulan Studied at VSCET Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu: ivala lam enthan rape pana mattranga
  10. Arun Prakash Went to Vana Vani Matriculation Higher Secondary From Namakkal : clubbu la mabbu la thiriyura pombala.....ennadi nadakuthu senthamizh naatula......
  11. Bava Mohaideen tt operator at Port Of Salalah - Sultanate Of Oman Studied at K M college,adhirai Lives in Salalah, Oman From Muthupet, India: Equal rights....? Girls,open ur shirts and walk out side...!
  12. Duraisami Dhamodharan Studied at Madaras University Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu From Vellore: andavan girls ku nu some restruction vaichurukkan ada avanga kandipa follow panni than aganum boss then y girls only having power to get preganent just think boss girls should have some control its noy good>>>>>>>>
  13. Selva Muthu Studied at SRM University Lives in Nagalapuram, India From Tuticorin(Thoothukudi), India : Vazhlka tamil valarga tamil penngal ithanalathandi ulagam azhiyapothu
  14. Karthik Chinna Goundar Merchandiser at Subba knitts Studied at PSG College of Arts and Science Lives in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu From Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, India: These girls are not homely girl so better try to avoid them frnds.Nallavanga dialogue reachagum ena konjam late aagum.
  15. Bala Heart Hunter Studied at Thiruthangal Nadar College Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu From Purasawalkam, Tamil Nadu, India : V2la stove pathavaika theriyathu.. But cigratte matum kaathula anaiyama patha vaikuringa..
  16. Ramesh Selvaraj Works at Optometrist Went to National High School, Tindivanam Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu: serippala adida avala ...
  17. Madhavan Maddy works at Tata Sky Inslation Engeeniar Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu: evlo peru sonnanga. But naa nambala yester day gindy poirundha pa. Real ah oru ponnu t kadaila black darck onnu kodunga nu kettu vangi public ah pudichittu pogudhu. Im also smokar but public la pudika mata. But girls??? Nadu nalla develap agudhunu sollitu pogavenditha.
  18. Vivek Vijay Worked at rane trw (Operator) Studied at Aarooran polythecnic college Lives in Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India From Ammaiyappan, India: Ponna idhu pisasu
  19. Mohan Ravi Studied Electronics and Communication engineering at loyola institute of technology,chennai Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu: women's rights to ask question against the men who do wrong things it doesn't mean you can do the same sin as men do,
  20. Prasanna Murugan Worked at NEC Went to govt.high school Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu From Jayankondacholpuram, Tamil Nadu, India: Naalaike nanga sarakku adichittu nadu roadla mattai ayee kadappom , Equal rights na ,avangalum appadi pannnu vanga lanu kocham kettu sollunga boss....???
  21. Parand Devar Studies at SAMS College Of Eng & Tech Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu From Mannargudi: enaku appave theriyum 35% girls 65%boys Suthanthiram edhuku dhana thevadiyaaa
  22. Sibi Chakkravarthi Works at Symantec Software and Services India Pvt LTD Studied at Loyola College Chennai Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu From Thiruvarur: vettuku ponna velamathalaye adikanum ithellam enga urupuda poguthu
  23. Karthick Amarnath Studied at Anna University of Technology, Chennai From Dharmapuri : men and women have differences if they feel to live like men that would be disastrous for women
  24. Murugan Raja Supervisor at LEE HONG CON CO P/L Studied at Sacred Heart University Lives in Yishun New Town, Singapore: smoke is dangerous for those want to family girl
  25. Fredrick Ashok Nalla branda vangi kudinga.night fulla oor suthunga.... Appurama ellam pochennu kathunga...
  26. Vignesh Srini Studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at JNNIE,Anna university Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu From Ambattur : oda vittu shoot pannanum.........
  27. Venkadesh Duraisamy Head Of Gang at Vetti Studied at VLBJCAS Lives in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu: goya punda magale,indha polapuku odamba vithu sambathikalamla
  28. Vijay Pandi Worked at The Studio Studied at Madurai Kamaraj University : naluveru muthiratha vanki montu kudipaluga

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gender Discrimination at its peak

There is a immense national outcry happening right now regarding the atrocious incident happened to  a Medical Student in Delhi few days back. Peoples and Students organizing strikes, protests happening everywhere to support the victim and to severely punish the monsters who were responsible for this cruel act.

Meanwhile when I opened Facebook yesterday, I found a rather interesting post with 100s of comments that truly reflected the mindset of fellow male chauvinist citizens of my country, India.

The picture depicted a girl smoking a Cigarette and the comments posted were truly disgusting, but rather reflected the true mindsets of people in my country. Some says,

  • its a shame to our *so-called culture*,
  • some criticizing the growth of the country,
  • some says they are misusing the equal rights given to them (who the fuck are you to give rights to someone, its the individual's birth right morons !!!),
  • she should be shot,
  • and a great guy commented that rather than the girl who got raped last week, the girl in pic should have been targeted.
I felt horrible and deeply saddened realizing nothing could be done about this. Seriously nothing could be done about these morons, who populate the majority in my country. At least let me give a shout out here to honor those morons. Here is the Hall of Fame along with their glorifying words:

I feel sick !!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mahabalipuram Cycling Trip

For some reason, I felt absolutely crazy today. Not at all in a mood to go to office, especially since I don't have any tasks assigned to me. So, thought of bunking today, taking rest in home. I called up my TL, requesting for sick leave and it was granted :-)

I had no plans till 11:00, when I thought I would go cycling to some place, probably to Kalai Selvan's home in Adyar. I started from home at 11:45 AM, but targeting a distant place now, Sholinganallur. Phoned up Sairam in Sholinganallur HCL office to make sure he is available to meet in noon, so I could visit him and return. I drank a Slice half liter bottle for instant energy boost up, which helped a lot.

Far greater Target

It is when I entered OMR at around 12, I felt Sholinganallur to be a easy target and I craved for something more, something absolutely challenging not just physically, but also mentally. And then its decided, I am going to Mahabalipuram. I am little sure that I could make it without much difficulty, but the returning trip looked very challenging. Its not a walking trip, in which I could abandon the mission anytime and take a bus. Its a Cycling trip, where regardless of mission succeeding or failing, I should come back to home with my cycle. But this is the sort of challenge that I wanted at that time, its decided and I need to give my best shot.

Checkpoint 1: Sholinganallur

I was highly excited, energized and motivated and so cycling at the max speed I could go and to my surprise I reached Sholinganallur in a hour at around 12:45 PM, which meant I clocked around 22 kms / hour, which matches the average cycling speed.

Visited Sairam in Sholinganallur, and hasted to continued my adventure, resuming the journey at 1:00 PM. My next checkpoint is Navalur, where my another friend Arun Raj is working and also it was the working place of a great warrior, a virtual adventurer, late Arun Esthack.

Mr. Sairam at HCL, Sholinganallur

Checkpoint 2: Navalur

I phoned Arun Raj to make sure he is available to meet and we decided to have lunch together. I reached Navalur by 1:25 PM. I certainly didnt planned for full meals, but he took me to a hotel where only full meals is available and I got no other choice. I am sure that a full stomach is a big hindrance to my journey, but without much thought I had full meals with him as it is his treat. Thanks macha, history will hail you :P for sponsoring my lunch on my epic journey :-)

We spent some time chatting there and I resumed my journey at 2:30 PM, bidding good bye to Arun Raj.

HCL, Navalur

No more Checkpoints

I decided not to stop by anywhere other than the final destiny Mahabalipuram, because whatever happens I need to get back to home by 10:00 PM. Cycled crazily reaching Kelambakkam by 3:00 PM. There I took ECR - Kelambakkam Link road to join the wildest road, ECR.

Just after reaching ECR, there was a shop where I stopped by to have cream biscuits. Because cream, which is sugar is directly proportional to Calories, which I need in loads. Then started moving towards the destiny with full spirit. There were milestones placed here and there in roadside indicating the remaining distance to Mahabalipuram. Each and every milestone motivated me to go even faster.
18 kms away from Mahabalipuram

Destiny is Mine

"Finally after hours of Cycling, I reached Mahabalipuram by 4:10 PM :-D Victory :-)" ***Claps***

I went to the beach, sat some 20 minutes there ( a quick mini rest ), taking few snaps. Just after reaching Mahabalipuram I called home telling mom that I came here. At first, I told her that I am going to Kalai Selvan home. She told me nothing, as she already told me enough, which was all in vein. I am sorry ma !!! Sometimes, I myself feel that she is in a curse by having me as the only son ... !!!
Made it to Mabalipuram in Cycle from Saidapet atlast !!! Around 58 kms

Left Beach in a while and entered a bakery, eating all sorts of cakes, creamy stuffs and another bottle of Slice, which should be enough to keep me up for my return. The unfortunate thing is both the knees started paining a little. Hope it wont be a big hurdle.


I started the return at 4:45 PM, but feeling little tired already. Around 5:10 PM, saw a big board showing 'Chennai 50 km', which made me realize that the return will be daunting. Few kms before Kovalam I saw a car accident in the left side of road. A car was resting on its side. Much crowd was already there and police also arrived. With my minimal scouting skills, I found the passengers to be 2 girls and a guy and fortunately no one seemed to be hurt, except for scratches in hand. Though of taking a snap and decided not, since it didnt seem appropriate.

A mission well accomplished, but not without big consequences... Looking scary !!!

Dinner at Muttukadu

This incident caused me to worry about myself a little, to go more carefully. Time is around 6:00 PM and it darkening around, battery level in Phone is drained to mere 10%. Planned to visit Sabari's home mainly to charge my phone, keeping my phone up is the most important thing I should do, because mom would get so worried If I am not reachable when she calls.

I went to Sabari home knowing he will in office by this time. Visited his Sister and they were surprised by sudden visit and my crazy adventure. Unfortunately, they didnt have a charger compatible to my phone. Didnt even called Sabari as I saved the remaining battery to keep the phone on.

Sabari's Sister gave 4 super soft Idlis for me to eat. I had them and it tasted awesome. Thanks akka :-) Since the weather looked rainy, I grabbed a plastic cover to put my purse and mobile, in case if it rains and resumed my return.
Shore Temple

Micro Accident

With the energy I gained from refreshment in Sabari home, I was ready to go in faster pace. But it was so dark, there were no street light in ECR and I couldn't see the road clearly, so I cycled slowly. It was the other crossing vehicles headlights which aided me visually. I couldn't even see the margin between the road and the sand at the side, which varies by almost 2 to 3 inches in height. At a point, not even a kilometer or two from Sabari home, there were no vehicles around me and it was absolute darkness, in which I rode directly on the road margin and got slipped.

Its nothing but a small slippery, but I exaggerated (mostly because of the accident I saw), thought no matter what, I shouldn't fall on the road which is highly risky. So I jumped from the cycle to the left of the road and managed to land with my hands down, instead of falling completely and my cycle also fell off the road. Then only I realized instead of jumping I could have managed in the cycle itself, If I would have thought out well. Felt embarrassing, but happy since no one was there to saw my stupid stunts. Took my cycle up and continued, saying to myself, "ithu ellam arasiyalla sataranamappa"


In a while I reached ECR link road and turned myself towards OMR, when it started raining. I immediately put my mobile and purse inside the plastic cover and cycled joyfully in the rain. But soon the roads of OMR were filled with water of nearly a feet high !!! Water poured into bikes silencers and people were dragging the bikes, causing heavy traffic there. Worst part cycling in such a place, it became to hard to pedal with such water beneath. From Karapakkam to SRP, it was a big drag because of the stagnant water, traffic, etc., After SRP, things moved smoothly with much better traffic and no water stagnation.

But I was ultimately tired, knees paining very much, more than all all my mental strength completely exhausted. The thought of throwing away my cycle and getting a bus was ringing every minute. Just thought of my personal gods (ofcourse from Anime) Vegeta, Goku, Naruto and their words which highly motivated me and made me cycle much faster.

View Mahabalipuram Cycling, 3/12/12 in a larger map

Home, Sweet Home !!!

With tremendous last minute efforts, I made it to home finally at 9.30 PM, completing the whole mission successfully :-)

But in home waited bigger problems which I expected. Mom was very mad at me and didnt speak at all. But just a couple of days and now we are back to normal :-)

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Adventures Continue,