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What is true love? 010 OTHA

Date: April 27, 2011

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One fine noon, Stalin messaged in Skype, "Team, Is the build ready? we need to deliver."

Saiyasodharan, "Redirecting the question to the delivery manager, Hosana. She is the only one capable of delivering. Hope you people understand what I mean :P"

Hosana typed "OTHA"

Saiyasodharan and all others were shocked at Hosana's reply. Tamil readers would understand why. But here goes explanation for others.

OTHA is a swear word of Chennai origin. It literally means "Fuck". Its used in various circumstances, but mainly to express extreme angriness (as like saying `bloooody`). But it is not the word that people use in public chat. More than Men, women's character will be criticised badly for using swear words.

Saiyasodharan says "Holy Cow!!! What is this? " and turns right to see how Raghul reacts.

Raghul reacts like he is seeing "a Dead Rat after 5 days with a ton of Dinosaur shit over it." His reactions simply couldn't be expressed in words.

"Holy Shit. How come she uses this word like this and scold him, that too infront of all", thought Saiyasodharan.

He was about to turn and ask her. When Stalin interrupted and shown Eye signs to keep calm. Everyone was keeping silence probably wondering within themselves, whether Hosana realise what she typed and what a shame on Sai.

Sai says,"I didn't expect this from you…."

Stalin whispers to Sai, "Keep Calm. We shouldn't conclude anything. She might have meant something different."

"Something different? What it might be? Is there anything behind OTHA other than 'go and fuck yourself'. No way." thought Sai.

Minutes pass with a big shame on Sai and everyone giggling silently to themselves. No words from Hosana.

"Forget my shame and shock. But I couldn't still rationalise how come Hosana said such a word. Probably she should have mis-taught by someone", thought  Saiyasodharan.

Raghul, "Hey peeps, OTHA is nothing but Old Town Hall Association"

"Damn you. You are adding fuel to the flame. You better keep silent rather than trying to help me with your stupid ideas" thought Saiyasodharan. But he couldn't speak out his thoughts.

Then for a minute, everyone posts something completely irrelevant trying to change the topic and calm down Sai.

It is when Rooban Ponraj contributes his part to the already embarrassing situation, "OTHA means Online Theatre Histories Archive. What does Otha mean? Otha origin. Popularity of name Otha."

Saiyasodharan to himself, "Damn you Rooban Ponraj. Everyone is trying to change the topic right? Why you bring in the same again. Did I asked you to do it?"

Stalin, "We want to deliver?"

Saiyasodharan "I already answered that questions and got badly flamed. So don't ask it again. It hurts me"

Stalin, "Sai, This time I am asking Rooban".

To get out of the embarrassing situation, Sai decided to break the ice and asks her straight, "Hosana, Of course I told few things to irritate you. You could have scolded me back with a decent word, but why such a intensive one?"

Hosana, "I don't understand why you all behaving so strange all of a sudden. Whats sooo wrong in me telling `Udai. I wont keep silent for all your atrocities".

Eveyone understood what she meant only after she pronounced it as `Udai` (which means Kick, as in I will kick you) rather than `OTHA`. The Corrupt minds picks the corrupt words !!!

Saiyasodharan "Oh. so you meant Udai and not O, T, H, A. right? Thats great. Thanks"

Hosana "Yes. But please explain whats going on in here. Is there any other hidden meaning behind this word?"

Sai, "No. Not at all.. "

Sai then loudly says, "Its clear now right? Lets get stop giggling and back to work"

For a while, Hosana keeps asking Sai, "I know you guys are hiding something from me. Please tell me if there is anything wrong behind what I said. I don't understand."

Sai ignores her question saying, "There is nothing Hosana. You do your work".

Hosana "ok fine. Not a problem, I will check with Jayanant Rajalingam. He will tell me".

Sai says, "NO NO... Please forget this. Don't ask anything to him nor anyone. Completely forget this. Only you will get scolded. Thats all I can tell"

Sai wishes to himself, she forgets this incident

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What is true love? 009 Evolution vs Creationism

Lunch at Rams

Rooban Ponraj, Stalin, Hosana and Saiyasodharan goes to `Ram` hotel nearby, for lunch.

Everyone orders their favorites and as usual, Saiyasodharan orders Parotta. While they were discussing someone pulled in the topic of Science / Evolution. It is to be noted that Stalin and Rooban Ponraj are firm believers of Christian Ideology / Religion, where as Saiyasodharan is a Staunch Atheist.

Mockery on Evolution

Stalin was making a mockery on Evolution theory saying in a very funny way, "How good it is to know that Humans are nothing but Monkeys, We all are evolved from Monkeys. Hahaha".

After telling this, both Stalin and Rooban Ponraj were laughing at the evolution theory. Seriously, it made Sai's blood to boil. He couldnt tolerate when someone makes fun of his beliefs (Evolution, in this case). He calms himself down and tries to invoke an intellectual argument, but fails as others were very keen in where they are.

Typical Science vs Religion

They left hotel after lunch, goes back to office and continues their discussion while standing in office entrance. Saiyasodharan says "I was also once a believer and firm follower of Hindu religion. But there were numerous contradictions in it. It couldn't answer many of my questions, worst it answers in a very contradictory way. So I directed all my question to Science, which accepts that the fact, it doesnt know ABSOLUTE ANSWER for anything, but have theories to explain the observations. I wish you people might get questions someday which cant be answered by your religion, the day when you realize you cant get `easy` answers for all your queries from a mystic book, but you need to live your life by yourself."

Rooban Ponraj says "Sai. All your Science and all is fine. I agree with you. But there is something beyond everything, which cant be proven, but can be felt. I am so sure that you can feel it someday. There is a place, where I believe you can feel it. I will take you there someday, if you are interested. But I am damn sure if you keeps your mind open, you will someday realize and accept the truth."

The thing Saiyasodharan love about science is, it dont hesitate to dump down a theory (even ones followed for centuries), when proven wrong or a better theory / explanation is given. Whereas, religious people find it hard to stick to `inaccurate` holy texts written Millenniums before.

Shouldn't implant `Right` Questions

Just like Rooban Ponraj firmly believed that Saiyasodharan might realize and accept God someday, Saiyasodharan believed the vice-versa, that Rooban Ponraj will come out of the illusion someday, if he just started asking right questions. But Saiyasodharan still stands firm in his decision, that he shouldnt implant the `right` questions in anyone's mind, thus possibly freeing out of their comfortable illusion, as he done to his mother few years back.

What is true love? - Index

This is the index page for the series "What is true love?", where I will write my past and current understanding of things around me, including different personalities, love, psychopathy, Justice, Culture, status of women, a little psychology, ego clashes, and many many more. Some of the posts might contain `Adult` Content (I hope I have guts to say what I have in mind), but I will post an Alert at the top of such posts !!! This series will be based on real stories from my own life.

Season 1 - The Beginning
  1. Episode 1 - Alpha
  2. Episode 2 - First Meet
  3. Episode 3 - Hardship
  4. Episode 4 - No Respect
  5. Episode 5 - Good Will Hunting
  6. Episode 6 - Death Note
  7. Episode 7 - Birthday
  8. Episode 8 - Brother
  9. Episode 9 - Evolution vs Creationism
  10. Episode 10 - OTHA
  11. Episode 11 - IT Survival Techniques
  12. Episode 12 - Discussion on Myths

Season 2 - Realization and Transformation

What is true love? 008 Brother

Date: April 20, 2011

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Saiyasodharan generally doesn't care about the misconception that people have on him. But for some reason, he felt very compelled to clear Hosana's doubts on his `age`. The next day to his birthday, he shows some documents, the resume he submitted to various companies to her and then she started believing in him.

Then Hosana shared her thoughts:
Sai, I thought you are elder than me. You know a lot in programming, and many other things. You speak so mature, You are much responsible, You handle things very maturely. Whenever you push me beyond my limits to do things, I didn't feel much compelled. But I am now. Being elder than you, I don't know anything, I don't know how to solve problems. Sai you are great for being like this at your age. I am proud of my friend. 
And Sai why are you not wearing T-Shirts like others. You look old, please change yourselves like others. Make yourself look younger. Please tomorrow come in T-Shirt.
It was Saiyasodharan's decision a long back (probably 4 or 5 years back), that he shouldn't spent time / money on his outlook, rather focus only on his inward thoughts. So naturally, he tells Hosana that there is not point in what I am wearing. Everything is the same. So please drop this idea of `T-Shirt`. She doesn't agree at all. She keeps compelling Sai to change his outlook. Then she speaks to other members of the team to try to convince Sai. Rooban Ponraj and Raghul Raghavan who also wishes to see a `changed` Sai,  joined her for sometime and tried convincing him, but in vein.

Then she shows her brother's (younger) photos in Facebook, tells Sai that he should look like her brother wearing colorful T-Shirts, wearing Coolers and such. But inwardly, Saiyasodharan felt it like a torture whenever she comes up with some `stupid` idea to convince him to change himself.

Then the argument on T-Shirt gifting started. Stalin popped in and shared his idea of going out for Lunch to celebrate Saiyasodharan's birthday. Then after big discussions, everyone agreed to Lunch outing idea, where Hosana will sponsor Sai's lunch as a gift.

That evening, after leaving the office, she texts sai "Sai please change yourself. You will look awesome in your T-Shirts". He couldn't bear anymore, she needs to be silenced and so Sai calls her. She picks up.

"Hosana. First of all, I should thank you a lot for your concern on my outlook. But please understand I am what I am. Of course, as a friend you can very much suggest me things, that would improve me. But sorry to say, what you are doing is too much and I cant bear it. So please stop all this. I might change myself, when time comes. You know? I felt very embarrassing when you KEEP telling things on my outlook. Please don't do that again"

Hosana, "Very Very sorry Sai, My only intention was to change you, to see a younger Sai. But it never crossed my mind, how you have felt on my words, especially in front of all others. I am so sorry and yeah I understand know. You are who you are. I see you as by younger brother and I will be very happy to see you changed. But I promise I wont torture you like as I did today."

Saiyasodharan "Thanks a lot, especially for accepting me as you brother. I am very much happy on that part. But please keep in mind, what I have said. Good Night"

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What is true love? 007 Happy Birthday

Date: April 19, 2011

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Cake, Sweet and Savories. Sai cut the cake and the team celebrated his birthday. It was all joy :-)

It was then Hosana, Sankar and few others started enquiring Sai's birth year. When told Sai is 22 years old, they didnt believe at first. Sankar and Hosana joined hands and were enquiring on real age of Sai, not believing in his words. Sumesh Elumalai, Rooban Ponraj and Avis Manoj started kidding Sai, saying he is 40 years old,  probably 60 and more and such.

Sankar checked Sai's skype profile, facebook profile and then believed him, but with a minor doubt that Sai might have created the profiles with a fake year. But Hosana still didn't believe in Saiyasodharan and was arguing with him, rather than checking the facts as Sankar did.

Saiyasodharan argued with her for sometime, then told "Believe whatever you want to believe. I have work and I see no point in proving things to you."

Then the work continues as normal and the day ends.