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Jallikattu - Battle is won. What Next?

This post is a continuation of my previous post, Jallikattu and Tamil Culture - Revolution or Hypocritism? (My Immediate emotional ourburst)

As always starting with a Disclaimer:

  1. My limited view in my very limited knowledge. Open to genuine discussion and inputs, based on my available time.
  2. It's well known that History is always written by winners and the actual truth is deliberatly lost. So I am trying to preserve the lost truth here, collected from my first hand experience. Since I am posting only lost truth (negative stuffs), it's not a actual reflection of reality. Mainstream media covered all good stuffs.

Victory for the `so called` Tamil Culture!

It's all settled now. The requirement is met. Jallikattu ban is lifted temporarily now and promises are made that permanent PCA amendments will be made.

Protestors are so happy, but I am afraid. Very very afraid.

Yes. We have this bad habit of disregarding the judgement of High Court and Supreme Court in various cases. Usually it's because of bureaucratic friction and political reasons.

But this time, it happened again in a Unique way.

  1. A Large number of protestors, who have absolutely zero knowledge on the reason for protest, but attracted by kindling their Ego of Culture, which is actually lost. But their Ego have blinded them enough that can't see that it is lost.
  2. The number of protestors has reached a large enough number to make the world world watching at us.
  3. Now to make the Crowd happy, the Politicians are running from Central to State and making Amendments.
Are we effectively asking for lawlessness?

I just hope, no one starts a protest next month saying Devadasi is our Culture. All true Tamils should come to Marina to save our Culture and to bring back our tradition of Devadasi.

For those, who have no idea of what Devadasi is (just like u had no idea of what Jallikattu is, before u joined the protest). It's a caste/profession, where girls born in that family will be married to the God of temple, live in temple, and do prostitution in temple itself.

Different reasons of Protest and my thoughts

  1. To save Tamil Culture - My whole previous post is about that. Link at top.
  2. To save Native breed - Cows and Bulls are part and parcel of ecosystems of farmers. They are taking care of it for centuries. But now the farmers themselves are dying. Stop worrying about the pet in home and start worrying about the Family head. When farmers economy is strong, they will take care of their Bulls, regardless of Jallikattu is happening or not. Only stuffs that have competitive economic value, will survive in this world. Things that dont have economic value, but rely on other factors like Culture, Rituals will eventually perish. Unfortunately, it applies to people as well!
  3. Vent out for all Social Frustrations - I guess this is a major reason. We are all frustrated with the current system. We see social Injustice everywhere in TV, News, in Road, everywhere and didn't know what to do about it. We were all very active online (Whatsapp, Facebook) about all Social issues. The NGOs still run in their own world. The general public and the NGOs are not connected yet. Maybe, just maybe, NGOs speak of Activities, Events, Govt, Act, but not of Emotions, Identity, Language, Culture. I dont know. But this protest is a big stage for anyone to come and vent out their anger, frustration on our Ruling class. A Big Stage for everyone to be a hero in the street. This is what I clearly seen in there. Our greatest depression is our lives and Marina is a stage for everyone to become a Rockstar.
And I am very very happy to see some 5% of crowd there with Agendas of Saving farmers and other social issues.
Fight Club Tyler Durden <3  Thanks to all Hollywood movies, which had taught me a lot about this world.

History repeats itself

Thanks to myself for chosing to read `India's Struggle for Independence`. It is an eye opener for me, in various things.

Before 1885, before the formation of mighty Indian National Congress, 1000s of protests happened all over the landscape. Most of them are not intellectual, but emotional as it happened here in Marina.

But unfortunately people (at most places) lost to British that time and 1000s of lives lost. The protestors didn't even have the picture of driving away British and self-governance. Those are all highly advanced concepts introduced very later. Initial protests were all emotionally driven, for a smaller cause on a localized region. They didn't get the bigger picture of British's rule causing all social troubles and the solution is to drive them away. Some examples,

  1. Santhal Tribe - 1854 - One of the massive Tribal Revolt @ Rajmahal hills (in present day Jharkhand). 60,000 tribal people organized a revol against British. Their weapon was Bows and Arrows, but they believed they are blessed by their god and Bullets wont hit them. The rebellion was crushed ruthlessly and 15,000 killed! The tribes vision was not about India, but about their Rajmahal hills.
  2. Mangal Pandey - 1857 - He is an army man, who shot at his Superior for religious reasons, triggered a 2 year Mutiny within British Army. But the mutiny is crushed and order is brought back. Pandey's vision is not Independent India, but out of his emotional agitation as the jawans religious beliefs and the army practises conflicted.
1000s of other such stories are there. They all tried to reverse the newly introduced social conditions and go back to their old traditions, rather than thinking forward. 

But my point is, People go aggressive out of their emotions and do all sorts of foolish things, that even costs them their lives. 

It should be the responsibility of the Intellects to guide them forward in proper path, as later done by INC.

Going Forward - My appeal to Social workers, NGOs and Volunteers

There are 1000s of NGOs, started by both Intellectuals and Emotional drive, working for Social welfare in their free time. There are hard core volunteers, casual volunteers. I am part of this group of people.

Most in this group will agree there are more pressing Social issues than Jallikattu, as we are all already working to fix them. But you know what?
  1. We failed to capture the Imagination of Public.
  2. We failed to give them a proper stage to come out and strength us in our struggles.
Wait. I know we did our best to do above. We do so many awareness sessions, so many social activities. But in the scale of 10-100 people. So let's take this as a big Chapter to learn. How to motivate people to get to ground. No I dont still understand that now. But we need to think on this line and move forward.

Idea 1: Maybe evolve our boring, dumb even posters. Maybe create memes.

My best design years back
On the pic: It brought me ~ 10 people (who are already volunteers), but this sort of design is not enough to capture 800 hearts. Now a new idea based on current trend. Take a snap from the film Joker, Mudhalvan or Ramana, where hero speak of Corruption, Govts not working and overlay it with texts as `The hero is calling the reader to attend the event`. Just a thought! Guess we should think in these lines.

2. Keep Evolving!

Yes. We made sacrifice by starting/joining an NGO, coming out of our comfort zone, reducing our family time, reducing our personal space, giving up on our hobbies and putting our precious time on Social welfare.

A group of like minded people then joined, we made a vision, created a roadmap, designed activities and projects, started executing it. More than everything, we evolved. We evolved from a complaining Citizen to Active Volunteer. But then, we settled with that flow. A comfort zone was formed there and we keep repeating same set of activities, with same set of people. The same impact we created in 1st year is incremented by 2-3 times in the 5th year. We settled down.

If all NGOs had put the same exponential effort, getting out of comfort zone effort each year, for past decade, we might had made a revolution in last 10 years.

In my understanding, u can only evolve to a certain point as a Volunteer, after which the same role Volunteer will limit your social Impact. Then to exponentially grow ur Social Impact you need to jump to different boats.

  1. A Politician
  2. A Social Entrepreneur
  3. Full time Activist (Like Anna Hazare, Julin Asanage, etc.,)
  4. Any other ideas, other than Terrorism? Pls post in comments.

3. Keep learning

This is a very very key factor of Evolving urself. Be it books, online articles, learning through experience, watching documentaries (my favorite). You only evolve by learning and doing.
Some Hints
  1. Documentary on Gene Sharp - How to start a Revolution? - Gene Sharp is a bloody brilliant legend, who studied non violent movements across the Globe, made Revolution into a systematic process and summarized them into steps, which anyone (with some brains and skills) and take up and do.
  2. Read Gene Sharp's book, From Dictatorship to Democracy, which was instrumental to the leaderless movements in Middle East, including Arab Spring. HE IS A FKING LEGEND.
I was studying all this and more years back, as I was thinking of evolving as an Activist. But now, I chose the route of Social Entrepreneurship. That a separate story.

ok. Enough theory. Sharing some snaps from Ground Zero.

Barbaric Slogans and Posters - Other side of Truth

No comments!
Vote kekka vantha, Otha Ommala nu solluven. lol. Solli paaru. Vidoda thookiduvanunga! #Mob #Mentality
Lol. The Orange checked shirt on right is so interested in removing Modi's Trouser. Ivan avana, iruppano!
I heard this line almost everywhere. However unparliamentary, I loved this lines, that too, when people said in chorus:

  1. Anchu rooba Mutta, Modi oru Potta.
  2. Engal madu, engal madu. PETA yaar da, echa madu and more were there.
Guess we have a very long way to upgrade this souls to a higher level (Internally).

And some really Good, Touching Pieces

Best of the best. I didn't get opportunity to fight in 1947, but got my chance in 2017. Guess he missed IAC 2011. My Salutes, Dear Soldier!

Our Protest wont stop till we see Permanent solution for Farmers, Jallikattu and Fishermen. I salute you, Soldiers (y)

Surprised to see My dear Friends, Social workers Ranjith and Ela vendhan. And even more excited to see பல "வேடிக்கை மனிதரைப் போலே - நான் வீழ்வே னென்று நினைத் தாயோ?" Look at their innovate idea of getting hand prints of supporters. Namba pasanga, always Creative :-) Guys, If u had read this post and the previous, I guess u ll understand why I didnt' print my hand that day! I was just a spectator not a supporter.
Support by a Non Tamil girl. #Touching
Funny Creatives
My Fav Silambattam

Finishing Touch

Selvi Aunty on left and My Mom for Jallikattu in center :-P

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jallikattu and Tamil Culture - Revolution or Hypocritism?

A big Social Agitation is now happening in Chennai. 1000s of youngsters are in road asking to repel the ban on Jallikattu (Eruthazhuvuthal).

Since I am into little bit of Social works, people call, msg, ask me where I am joining for the protest, what time and all

Sorry for Disappointment. But I am staying away from all this.

Had some good discussions with good friends on my view and why I stay away. Penning them down here, so as to even avoid this kind of discussions in future and to focus on my priorities!\

Reality, how I see it

My limited view in my very limited knowledge. Open to genuine discussion and inputs, based on my available time. Warning: Contains serious bashing and shameless (but useful) self promotion and self advertisement!

I am basically a multi passionate person. I love Tamil for it's beautiful literature and past glorious history, just as I love Japanese culture for their Anime, High disciplines, Lifestyle,. Among 99% Tanglish speakers in Chennai, there are few gems who speak purely in Tamil and love listening to their talks.

But what I see is, Tamil Language and Tamil Culture is being lost/destroyed in this modern Corporate era. Just like any other culture, Tamil had many unique things. Let's look at each of above points in brief.
  1. Ego
    1. Many famous Tamil personalities from Bharathiyar, Periyar to our ex-CM Jayalalitha are super confident egoistic creatures, which super served the route they took and also inspire others.
    2. But in current generation, no individual (speaking of majority) is proud and confident on their language. You can see that in day to day life everywhere. People take pride in speaking English. Those who can't speak in English are looked down. What we are seeing now in Jallikattu protest is just a Mob mentality. When they are back to their daily life, they will be back to pavilion. Tamil Ego destroyed by same individuals, who are out there protesting now.
  2. Family structure
    1. Had big family structures, where even in among Chettinadu community even 50-100 people lived together.
    2. But in current generation, we lost the big family structure. But I call this as, we evolved for good.
  3. Food
    1. We had a super good, healthy foods from Kezhvaragu, Thinai, Kudhirai Vali, Kambu, among 100s of other Siru Thaniyam (Millets). Myself and Mom are experimenting with Millets for past 1 year and so far, so good.
    2. But the current generation Tamil youths look high on KFC, McDonalds, Subway for their food and suffer all sorts of health problems. We lost our healthy foods and we are the only reason for it.
  4. History
    Kamarajar App. Released last week.
    1. Tamils had a glorious past at various times from Valluvar, Avvaiyar, Chera, Chola Pandiyas
    2. but a mundane present (for reasons listed here and hopeless future (written below).
    3. Note: We are working on digitizing our National leaders by making a mobile app for them in Tamil/English. Recently released an app for Kamarajar @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gethugames.kamarajar. Looking for sponsors to do apps for more leaders. Those interested, please contact me.
  5. Language
    1. I dont know any other languages other than Tamil and English, but I am in absolute love for it's very beauty, when people speak it. I used to hear Tamil speeches in Youtube, Leone, Salaman Pappaya and many others.
    2. But people in cities lost the language decades back. No current generation youth can speak in pure Tamil words for more than 2 minutes. Now we are spoiling towns and villages as well. In the protests happening now, when I hear slogans `We want Jallikattu. We want Jallikattu` and in front of media, they speak in Tanglish of their Tamil pride, I can't help it but 2 words comes in my mind "Hypocritic bastards". We lost the language itself and are we not even aware of it.
  6. Literature
    Silapathikaram. Draft design.
    1. We have best of the best collection of Literature from Tirukkural, Athichudi, Silapathikaram, Manimekalai, Seevaka Sinthamani, Valayapathi, Kundalakesi, Purananooru and 100s of others.
    2. But no one reads it. We read Paulo coelho! We ignored Valluvar's `Kamathu Paal` and spend our nights with xvideos.com. Any better suggestions are welcome :-P
    3. Note: We got plans and a perfect Team to convert these Tamil literatures to Digital medium. Looking for sponsorts. Anyone willing to support, can contact me for more info.
  7. Lifestyle
    1. Had known for the lifestyle of Physical fitness, chivalry and Valiancy. Go and learn fucking Veerapandiya Kattabomman. He is an embodiment of almost all points, listed here.
    2. But now, I am in the position of begging all my Chennaities to get rid of sedentary lifestyle, go job, do cycling, workout and keep up their fitness. Not for the culture, but for their own health. We forgot our light clothes and wear Coat, Suit. We became so weak mentally that we are now easily socially conditioned to believe wearing Shoes and Shocks in our Chennai Summer is a comfort.
  8. Rituals
    1. Had 1000s of mindless rituals.
    2. Glad we mostly got rid of it.
  9. Sports
    1. Had Kabadi, Gushti, Malyutham, Gilli,  and 100 others, that the current generation forgot, while they are busy watching (again not playing) Cricket.
    2. You forgot these 100 sports and now hanging behind Jallikattu just to boost ur lost Ego and Identity. Hypocrisy at its peak!
  10. Technology
    1. Thanjavoor temple to Kallanai, we had best of best, ahead of time, start of art technology those times.
    2. But we completely lost this and worst thing is we are not even aware of it. Does any IT guy from the Protesting crowd even aware of Free Software Foundation(FSF) Branch Chennai office?
  11. Work
    1. Had 64 Aaya kalaigal.
    2. This generation should have increased it to 6400, but forgot even that 64.
Having lost everything as listed above, I wonder what people are speaking about in the protests when they shout, `They will save Tamil culture`!
அதான் எல்லா மயிரையும் நாம already மறந்துட்டோமே!

ok. If u think deeply, above all are not just with Tamil, but happening with most Cultures in the world, who dont control the modern power centers of Economy and Technology.

Nations and Cultures which perform well in Economy retain their Language and Culture. Go to China and you will see, how little English had spread there.

Going Forward

What's happening right now in Chennai is a pure emotional, egoistic (and hence blind) protest. You might event win this Jallikattu ritual, for the time being. But what next? What's the vision for Tamil language and Culture for next decade, next 50 years? Any plans to revive the forgotten glory? or to evolve Tamil culture to be the supreme one? No one knows.

For all who think PETA is ur enemy, I pay big salutes to ur sheer lack of Ignorance. It's not PETA, It's the Corporates and the control YOU GAVE TO THEM, that destroyed your culture.

யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்
தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா

மறுக்க படி...
தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா

திரும்ப படி...
தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா

திரும்ப படிடா கொய்யா...
தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா

Looking back at how much the Tamil culture is lost and forgotten (by its own people) in last 50 years, it's inevitable that in next 50 years, it's totally forgotten.

That's myself and my team are trying to digitize and preserve atleast the literature, before its completely lost. Any support here will be highly appreciated :-)

Wow. Dear Reader. U read this far. Congratz. U r a true stubborn rebel, reading through enemy lines this far. Now spend 2 mins looking this Brilliant portraits of Cultures, which are destroyed because of Modern world.

But I am happy

Being a Rebel by DNA, I am very very very happy to see People protesting, coming out of their comfort zone. I want this to happen against Status Quo, but right now it's happening for Status Quo.

I hope, this momentum is also turned to do something for the farmers, who are dying out there!

But this is fine, as long as people willing to come to streets for something, it is super good. People are emotionally moved and doing all this now, with ignorance and for false identity. But I am hopeful that people will come to streets tomorrow for real issues, which are about to hit us badly.

Climate Change

After all, our own Independence Struggle, an epic, ever inspiring battle of Intellectuals started out and happened for atleast 30-50 years, in these kind of ignorant, emotional and worst losing battles.

த்த்தா..., Nothing beats saying this from the bottom of ur heart in the evergreen, Tamil!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Inconvenient Truth - Welcome to Anthropocene Era

2016 A been a big revelation for me in many fronts, from my understanding of social structures, social change process to personal life and more importantly, on Climate Change and where we are.

I am not very good at storytelling, but still my attempt.

My first Fiction story


There is a happy family. Mom, Dad and 2 kids, a boy and a girl.
Mom is homekeeper.
Dad is a businessman. Power center of the house.
Daughter just started working and the boy is studying college.
There was a wonderful family Friend, who is a doctor.

First signs of Abnormality

Life was all going good. One day, the doctor visits the family and sense something wrong with the Mom. He asks her if her health is good and she says everything is fine. But he do some tests, finds some abnormality, which is never seen before. He communicates the same to the Dad and suggest some minimal change in lifestyle, to thwart and reverse the abnormality.

Business as usual and Cancer

But the Dad took the word of the Doctor seriously and the kids didn't know. They carry on with their usual day to day activities.
On other side, the Doctor starts studying more on this, get other experts involved and find this to be a new type of Cancer, already at 2nd stage.

For those who dont know, sharing my layman understanding of Cancer. It has 4 stages. First 2 are early and are mostly reversible and curable. 3rd is critical stage and nothing much could be done, apart from Miracle. 4th stage is counting the days towards the inevitable.

After this finding, the Doc visits the family again, tells the Dad about new type of Cancer and prescribes various measures to reverse the disease. The kids are still not informed. The Dad want to implement the prescription, change in life style, but he is so caught up with his job, `so called` commitments and responsibilities and didn't do anything about the cancer.

Advanced to 3rd Stage :-(

As no action has been taken, the cancer developed to critical stage. HOPELESS. The doctors brings in other experts to meet Dad and they scream at dad for letting this happen and insist him to take IMMEDIATE ACTION and pray to god. They also tells that mom got not much time but only 3 months. The dad feels very sorry, initiates discussion with his relatives and neighbours to help him take care of Mom. They all make plan to implement the treatments prescribed by Doctor.

But you know what? The Dad still couldn't break his day to day affairs, the lock of employment, which feeds the family and didn't do much about it.

Meanwhile, the Mom suffers and starts showing symptoms. The kids could now recognize something wrong but dont know exactly what. They could see the suffering and but dont know what to do.

Advanced to 4th Stage!

Yes. The dad let this happen, as he was still caught up with hectic jobs. Docs say the mom got only 1 month from now. The Daughter, a little brainy, started researching on her own and found the reality. She was totally shocked and hates her Dad for letting this happen to her mom. The college boy still didn't understand anything. He could see the suffering of his mom, but still not aware of actual reality. He care less to put time in understanding the problems of his mom and enjoys his college life.

Current Stage

  1. The Doctor is now counting the days of the mom (30 days), still trying to persuade Dad to implement necessary changes and hoping for some Miracle to happen.
  2. Dad is still occupied with his work, which feeds the whole family and keep everything going.
  3. The daughter is depressed, powerless to do anything about it. Lost in her own life. Still learning more about the problem, connecting with experts to find SOME solution.
  4. The Son still didn't get any clue on what's really happening.  Occupied with his college life.

A seriously messed up family!

Back to reality from the Fiction

The above is the state of our current world. Let me replace the fictitious roles with real facts.


  1. Mom -> Mother Earth
  2. Dad -> Politicians, Bureaucrats and Businessman
  3. Daughter -> Environmental activists
  4. Son -> General Public
  5. Doctor -> Scientific Community

First signs of Abnormality

Scientists declared post Industrial human activities is causing huge CO2 emissions, which will lead to
  1. Ocean Acidification
  2. Rise in Global Temperature
  3. Decline of glaciers (melting and running into Oceans)
  4. Mass extinction of species.
Scientific community advices Politicians to take action and switch to clean energy and various precautionary measures.

Unfortunately, the current generation is not even aware that they are sitting in a Time bomb

Business as usual and Cancer

But Politicians around the world never listened to Scientific community and carry on business as usual.

Meanwhile, more studies kept propping from scientists all over the globe, From US, UK, Russia, to Japan and everywhere. Most of the scientific communities agree on Human induced climate change and the Mass extinction phase that is about to follow.

Some facts
  1. Global sea level rose about 17 centimeters in the last century. The rate in the last decade, however, is nearly double that of the last century.
  2. The acidity of surface ocean waters has increased by about 30 percent.
  3. We already crossed 1 degree above pre industrial levels and the rate is accelerating.
  4. Hell will break lose, if we cross 2 degrees.
  5. At our current rate, we are set to cross 4 degree by 2100!
But the scientists are not heard by those in power (Politicians and Corporates)

Advanced to 3rd Stage :-(

  1. Last 2 decades has seen worst floods and climate events, that we ever seen.
  2. Each year setting record of Hottest temperatures ever, since the measurements started happening in early 1880s.
1995, Berlin, Germany

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)'s first meet (Conference of Parties, COP 1) happened where countries came forward and pledged to take action on Climate Change.

Then every year COP meet happens across different countries, with more and more countries joining in.

1997, Kyoto, Japan
A Landmark agreement was made, which is still in effect. Many developed nations started switching to Green energy and environment friendly practises. But still it's noway near to addressing the actual problem.

To visually see the impact of Climate Change

The cancer of Climate Change keeps accelerating.

Advanced to 4th Stage!

Never seen before Cyclones, Floods are happening across the globe. Scientists have already plotted, which city will submerge when, at

  1. Current rate of 4-5 degree by 2100.
  2. The UN's goal of maintaining @ 2 degree by 2100.
Sea water entering Mumbai in 2034 +/- 5 years, if no immediate action has been taken.
  1. US's NOAA has made a online tool, to interactively see which cities are getting sub merged when.
  2. Coral reefs, which is at the bottom layer of Food Pyramid in marine ecosystem is getting weeded out. Great barrier Reef is severely getting shrinked.
  3. In 2008, the polar bear became the first animal to be added to the Endangered Species Act list of threatened species because of global warming
  4. 2016 - Hottest year of record with 1.2 degrees above pre industrial levels. 2017 is gonna beat it.
  5. At current rate, Sea level could rise as high as 21 feet in next century (That's almost 2 floors of rise of Ocean across the globe)
  6. Tornado clusters, are becoming more common as the warming planet causes shifts in weather patterns across the U.S.  New research showed that the number of tornadoes per outbreak is increasing, and the chance of outbreaks has increased 4-fold.
  7. and much more
Mass Extinction!

2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement and the End of the story

For the first time in History, Presidents and Prime Ministers from 196 countries met in Paris in Dec, 2015 (same time as Chennai floods) and agreed to keep the temperature rise below 2 degrees. But remember the story? The dad always agrees to take action!

Hence the story ends.
  1. The scientific community (Doctor) is screaming out load
  2. Political and Business class (Dad) is busy with their own state of affairs (US Election, Demonetization in India)
  3. The environmental activists (Daughter) are depressed.
  4. The public (College boy) is still unaware.
  5. and The Mom (Mother Earth) is suffering.
I wanted to touch up on many other topics for this 2017 post, especially Action items for my friends and social workers circle, covering following:
  1. Job - Modern form of Slavery
  2. Blind, mindless consumerism and the cure, Minimalism
  3. Social Illusions
  4. Permaculture
But Climate Change took over everything. Guess these topics need to wait for another post!

2017 for me

I read many articles and saw almost all documentaries on Climate Change from `Chasing Ice` to `Before the floods`, featuring Dicarpio, Pope, Obama, Elon, Ban Ki Moon and many other.

But found very little local content (Chennai / India). This year, I will be exploring on local initiatives and connect with local experts and gather local data.

Apart from delivering Social Impacting Software products from my brand new IT Startup, Gethu Games, I will be learning more on what role I could play in Climate Change action. My current dream idea is to make addictive Game, that will also educate player on Climate Change and Individual action. But development of the game need to wait for another year, till we stabilize the awesome product that we started now, Grassroots.

Root Cause

1812: 1 billion
1912: 1.5 billion
2012: 7 billion

Don't u see a problem?

In the words of Smith

Source / Links
Been bookmarking most articles I read about Climate Change @
among with other Environment articles.

Will move Climate Change related links to its own new board @
in upcoming months.


  1. http://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/ - NASA Site
  2. https://www.epa.gov/ - US Environmental Protection Agency